Please read our Call for Stories to learn more about this website and the kinds of stories that we are collecting here. This submissions page will walk you through the steps of submitting a story to this project. The form to upload your submission is at the bottom.

Required Documents

Before you submit a story, please ensure you have read through the relevant Participant Information Sheet. If you are younger than 18, make sure you read the Participant Information Sheet – Child/Young Person with your parent or guardian.

You will need to upload a signed Consent Form alongside your story materials to the Dropbox link provided below. If you are younger than 18, make sure you read and sign the Consent Form – Child/Young Person. Your parent or guardian will also need to read and co-sign this form.

Withdrawing Participation

You are free to change your mind about submitting a story at any time. If you submit a story, and wish to have it removed from this website or any of its associated productions, please use the Participant Withdrawal Form. Simply fill that form out and email it to us at

Sharing these stories
(third-party use)

In addition to hosting stories on this website, we are actively seeking ways to get these stories out into the world to inform wider understandings and actions. If you’re a film maker, an artist, a journalist, a curator, or someone else who would like to draw on the stories on this website in your work, please get in touch with us.

Contributors should note that it is possible that stories submitted to this website will be taken up and used elsewhere. If this is something we’re actively involved in we will get in touch to get your permission and we will make sure you are credited as the author/contributor. As this is a public website, however, we can’t guarantee how others will use content that is published here and we ask contributors to keep this in mind. 


Publication Agreement

In order to publish work on this website we require that you agree to our publication terms by signing and uploading the relevant Participant Consent Form. If you have any questions about this process, please get in touch.


By default, stories will be published with the author’s name. If, however, you would like to remain anonymous, please tick the relevant box in the submission form below and on the Participant Consent Form.

Written Submissions

Word count — Preferably between 500 and 3000 words.

Format — Upload your text as a separate file, ideally a Word (or similar) document.

Images — Whenever possible, written submissions should be accompanied by at least one image to which you have publishing rights. This might be a photo you have taken or one that is in the public domain or under a creative commons license. If you do not have an image to accompany your text, we can help you find one. Please upload images as individual JPG or PNG files.

Other Submissions

File formats for video — Any YouTube supported format

File formats for audio — Any Soundcloud supported format

Length — Preferably under 15 minutes. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Written description — Video and audio works should be accompanied by a short written description. Longer written accompaniments are fine too.

Submit Your Story

To contribute to Bushfire Stories please fill out the form below, and upload your files to this Dropbox link. Please ensure that your files meet the submission guidelines, and that the story title and date of submission are included in the file name(s).