Ode to the Gilbert’s Potoroo

Story by Sophie Chao. This poem fleshes out the lifeworld of the endangered Gilbert’s potoroo since settler-colonization and in the aftermath of the Black Summer. The poem seeks to celebrate the ecological significance of the Gilbert’s potoroo within Australian ecosystems. It also traces the various forms of violence that have been inflicted upon this species… Continue reading Ode to the Gilbert’s Potoroo


Story by Dr Jonica Newby. A story of blood-red skies, accidental heroes, a disaster-movie-worthy action sequence, and an incongruous encounter with the film Frozen as ordinary people confront towering fire fronts the size of nightmares. (extracted from Beyond Climate Grief, New South Publishing). Continue reading Horror

Home, Smokey Home

Story by Nicole Webster. Our first child was born on New Year’s Eve 2019. It was a time of mixed emotions for us as we welcomed our daughter into the world before we realised that we could not return to our old fibro home because it could not keep the smoke out. Continue reading Home, Smokey Home

Two Months On The Edge

Story by Elizabeth Morgan. What’s it like being the meat in a fire sandwich? I spent two months on the edge in the 2019-2020 summer as two megafires – in the Blue Mountains – Gospers Mountains to the north, Green Wattle Creek to the south – raced towards each other, the firefront sometimes gaining 12… Continue reading Two Months On The Edge

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