Reading the Signs: My Year with Fire

Story by Julie Vulcan. After the fires have past, leaving a trail of devastation, we often forget what happened before, in the lead-up. This is a telling of that before, with all its signs, preparations, anxiety, frustration and emotion. It is more than a story, it is also an offering of lessons learnt, things that worked, and things I hold dear. Continue reading Reading the Signs: My Year with Fire

Ode to the Gilbert’s Potoroo

Story by Sophie Chao. This poem fleshes out the lifeworld of the endangered Gilbert’s potoroo since settler-colonization and in the aftermath of the Black Summer. The poem seeks to celebrate the ecological significance of the Gilbert’s potoroo within Australian ecosystems. It also traces the various forms of violence that have been inflicted upon this species by human actors, whose activities increasingly threaten the potoroo’s environment and future. Continue reading Ode to the Gilbert’s Potoroo